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using Magento as blocks
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I’ve been searching the forum and read the available documentation but I can’t understand this so far, and I hope someone will be able to help.

As far as I understand, all shopping cart/eCommerce solutions I see are full featured php driven web sites. This means that all the pages the user interacts with, are server generated, and thus, the experience, is tied to the magento framework/workflow.

I’d like to integrate bits and pieces of eCommerce/shopping cart in my existing website. Effectively, I’d like to have:

1) on a product information page, a “buy now/add to cart” button that adds to a cart
2) on every page, a view cart/checkout option (and possibly a one-line remainder of the number of items in the cart)
3) on a checkout page, with additional content already in place, having the magento “checkout” block integrated in the page (and not the entire page generated from Magento).

Furthermore, I can’t find the following information in any place. I’d like to use magento to permit users to add to the cart products as they browse the website (see above). Then, when they want to checkout, they are presented the shopping cart content. Since these are intangible goods (download files), I’d like to prevent any “shipping” method/price to display. Also, since these products are paid later on-use, I’d like to display a price associated with a product, but skip any “payement” step in the checkout process, and have the user provided a list of download links directly (one link per-product), or better, having the server zip all the files in a per-checkout process and offer a single .zip file for all the downloadable files. Is this possible with magento?

In addition, is magento working when the user as javascript disabled?

Thank you in advance for your help with this,


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