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Basic layout questions
Aaron Carlino
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Joined:  2008-07-22

So as you may have guessed, I’m new to Magento. I love what I see so far, but the templating, front-end stuff is really making my head hurt. I’ve read the designer’s guide, watched the screencasts, but I still can’t figure out where Magento comes up with the content it shows.

I just want to do something simple. I want to edit the home page and see how it is instructed to bring in the cart, compare, back to school, and poll blocks. All I see in page.xml is a self-closed “right” block. That’s no help. I don’t see anywhere that these blocks are assigned, except in the backend for the back to school callout, which is just straight HTML. Seems really random that this is the only one in there and it appears third in the list.

There’s no homepage.xml, or a homepage template folder, or anything. I have template hints on, but that doesn’t help because i want to know why it is even bringing in those blocks in the first place.


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