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HEEEELP!!! Simple question, but no answers found
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I’m trying to write a payment module based on the skeleton one in the wiki.

But, that one is not a very good example.  Days of searching through the Forums have produced no useful results.  No one’s answered my question yet.  Surely someone knows the answer?

I need an example of a payment module that redirects the user to another website and doesn’t prompt you for the credit card detail like it does by default.  How do I change it so that the credit card block or form is not shown and instead some text to indicate the user will be redirected instead.

Ideally I’d like a complete example.  The ones that do exist I don’t understand or are built in a peculiar fashion.
I mean peculiar because it’s really obvious that it’s been hacked to work without proper understanding of what the various bits do.
Also, what do all these things mean in plain english please?

protected $_isGateway = true; // what?
protected $_canAuthorize = true; // what does that mean ?
protected $_canCapture = true; // capture what ?
protected $_canCapturePartial = false; // ???
protected $_canUseInternal = true; // internal what?
protected $_canUseCheckout = true; // sorry? when would you not want that to be true? what does that mean then?

What is the effect of setting them true or false and how are they used ?

The payment method is actually called PxPay

If someone could help I’d be incredibly greatful, as would the whole of New Zealand looking to use Magento as their eCommerce solution. DPS is the main online payment group in NZ so it would be an enormous benefit to the community.

I’ve attached what i have so far… I’m not sure whether I should add

to the config.xml if thats right then how do I link this all up with my own block?

Also, why does the example use the name “Mage” everywhere… what do I do to change it… the undocumented XML structure of these files is hugely confusing IMHO.

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Hi Core,

Did you have any luck sorting this out?
Im in desperate need to getting PXPAY up and running ASAP.

Would be great if you share whatever you’ve got.


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