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Zend Framework Question
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This question is a little off the topic of Magento, but one I believe the community and definitely the Magento team could answer very well.  I’ve been working with PHP for about 5-6 years.  I’ve always been a small shop guy, jack of all trades kind of position, but over the years I think I’ve read quite a bit and learned a lot in the active PHP community.  I’m always looking to speed up my coding time, use more robust and secure code, and push myself in terms of knowledge.  I know you use the Zend Framework here and I’ve been very interested in frameworks but the task of learning them has always seemed quite daunting.  So here’s the question:

How did you go about learning the Zend Framework and has it proven truly beneficial to your team?

I’m sure based on the replies I’ll have more questions, but I am just desperately trying to keep up in this rapidly evolving landscape of web development.  My company has recently employed a Graphic Designer and we’ve started turning down IT troubleshooting, repair, and setup type jobs so now I can really focus on what makes me happy....  fast, scalable, clean, and secure PHP code that I can feel good about creating!!

Oh also, I’m beyond sick of ZenCart and looking very forward to the awesomeness that is Magento.

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