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How do I collect additional information from customers
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I am considering using Magento to sell seminar seats. The seats in a session are inventoried so that we cannot sell too many. The instructor needs to know some information (three open-ended questions) about each registrant to prepare for the seminar.

How can we collect that information during the sales process?

Thank—Tony Lush

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Hi! You can use great tool for collecting customer information - Customer Attributes Extension.

The module allows to create additional fields at the registration page as well as at the billing info page of checkout for customers, who register during checkout. 
You can effectively manage the collected data in admin panel. Show the attributes at customer account, ‘Manage Customers’ grid, order grid, order view pages. You can enable and disable display of fields for each of the above locations.
At order grid and ‘Manage customers grid’ you’ll be able to sort and search by these attributes.

You can use variety of attribute types: text field, text area, dropdown, checkboxes and radio buttons, multiple select and date fields, static text, yes/no, file upload, customer group selection.

Let customers use any custom attribute for login either instead of or together with email. If used together, customers will be able login either with email or with the custom attribute. So you can allow customers to login with their usernames instead of emails for example.

To see the details, user guide and live demo please visit

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