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Signle Sign On for admins & customers
Georg Ringer
Total Posts:  63
Joined:  2008-07-04
Linz, Austria


I am currently writing some modules for the CMS TYPO3 to connect Magento to TYPO3 using the great new API of 1.1. I am trying to add all parts of the API beginning with the simpler ones like displaying products, categories and so on and it is working great!

Another big part is a Single Sign On for the Admins of Magento & TYPO3 and to connect the customers of Magento with the so called “Frontend users” of TYPO3.

It would be great if somebody could help me a bit with that. I don’t need help with coding but a bit of information at which code I should/need to look at. This would be awesome!

I know that there was already a small discussion about the topic Single Sign On but this has been started by non devs. I want to start this as a developer again. Some words to me: I am a TYPO3 developer with a very good experience there (wrote dozens of modules, several years of experience).

Thanks for helping
PS: I started a group here too called TYPO3

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