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Any way to get the index.php out of the browser address? 
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2008-05-15

So I saw some updates on Magento automatic updater (it was the 1.1 update) and assumed it would be safe, but it hosed my entire store… after 3 days of wrestling with it I have it back up with no data in it.  I am rebuilding categories and such, and notice that in the web bar of the browser i am seeing an index.php…

such as “”

I don’t remember the last version being like that.  It displayed the same page as… “” which to me looks nicer…

Is there any way I can eliminate the ‘index.php” from displaying on every page?  Hoping for a way to do it that will not destroy my site again like the safe update did.

Also I vote for a warning on updates that will possibly wreck your site!


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