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Something about stock I don’t know the techincal word for!! 
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Hi guys,

I’m setting up a small online shop. One of my suppliers has 60 different items in their catalogue with 4 sizes of each. At this point in time I don’t have the money or storage to order units of every type. So I shall try to order those I think will be most popular. My question is…

Can Magento Do....

If I list ever product fromt he suppliers catalogue- can some types/sizes be shown as “available for order” - i.e. they are made aware that I don’t stock the item but I can order it for them in a certain amount of time (normally a weekish). Is it possible to do this so that they pay understanding that they will receive in within a week or so. It will allow users who are very keen to get one of the rarer styles of my products and are prerpare to wait as very few (or no) other shops stock it either.

Hope that makes sense! Is there a term for such a thing?


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Maybe the term you are looking for is drop shipping. You can certainly have products with unlimited stock available in Magento. Not sure if you can mix it with regular stock though. Most merchant accounts will not allow you to do this but I believe Paypal will.

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@SnowInc: The important thing is to inform the customer properly. You could consider to show that all the sizes are available, but add to your product description such as:

Size x is located at our central store. Estimated delivery time: 1 week.

(Or, if you are afraid of losing a customer, you could omit this information, but instead send the customer an email immediately after you receive the order, and inform that the time of delivery will be approx. 1 week. You may also consider to offer him a discount if he chose the more popular models you have in stock (saves you shipping?). If this works, is of course depending on your order volume and what type of goods you are selling - if your typical customer need the article “next day” they will probably not be too happy about it.)

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