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Anyone migrate from QuikStore? 
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Joined:  2008-07-26

Just wondering if anyone has moved from QuikStore to Magento?  QS has been great over the last 5-6 years but recently sold out.  Now they have a better cart system but support is absolutely gone.  They no longer support the old cart and do not want to help getting the new cart up and running now that they have my money.  I originally did a lot of research and went with QS since the support was so good back then.  Now I need to get a more modern cart that customers have come to expect.  And Magento seems to look/work really nice and I love support forums.

The problem:
-----I have over 3500 products that I do NOT want to import manually.  Would there be a way to import data that each product is in a form like this: 

clown02|Clown_Decals|0|Clown 02 Decal / Sticker|NA|Clown01.jpg|Clown01_tn.jpg|NA|0|NA|NA|%&#xOP;TION%&#xsi;ze6.html|%&#xOP;TION%&#xco;lors.html|NA|NA|NA

If there is an easy way to get info into Magento I will end up have a lot more questions.  I figured this may give me some insight on what my options are.  Worst case, I may use Magento for another side project I am starting at some point but I really need to take care of my “money maker” first.

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I believe there is a way you can import pipeline delimiter databases… but I am unsure how?

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