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Mac HTTP Upload Error for image uploads in admin still happening… anyone have recommendations? 
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Joined:  2008-06-02
Ann Arbor, MI

"HTTP Upload Error”

I’ve tried everything I could think of to get this working on the Mac, and I’m really sick of trying. Here are all the thread suggestions:

* If you have .htpasswd authentication, it won’t work. I removed that. Still doesn’t work.
* Your Flash files related to image uploads could be corrupt. I uploaded new ones. Still doesn’t work.
* Remove HTTPS from admin section if you don’t have a valid cert. I tried that. Still doesn’t work.
* Change just about every value in the .htaccess related to “multiple image upload” issues. Still doesn’t work.

This is happening in our office on a Mac, and the client is on a Mac and it is happening as well. I did the whole clear cache thing with every test, and made sure all the variables were the same except for the single change I made with each test.

I know I can use import or FTP to do this, so please, if you have other recommendations, I would like to hear them. We’re running Apache on CentOS 5.

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