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How to implement several themes by category or Store? 
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I have to build a website that has several departments and must be translated into English and French.
The company (let’s call it Health) is divided into 5 departments which are : Nature, Spa, Diffusion, Clinic and Accessories.
The design of the site remains almost the same for each department. Only the “boxes” change color and there is a different logo(pure CSS / images).

My first approach was to make an interface with 2 themes (French and English) by department.
The idea was to make a Store by department with 2 store view (English / French). The problem is that if someone wants to browse the site in English in the Nature department and then he goes to Clinic, the site will become French because I don’t think there is a way to keep state of the language .

Then I decided to make an interface “Health” which contains 2 themes French and English.
The departments would be in categories below the Store “Health”.
In the admin section of Magento under category there is a button where it is written “custom design”.
I thought I could add a theme for the category and thus solve my problem of language
but it won’t work. :(

I know I can do a “custom layout” by adding an xml tag in catalog.xml and change the guidelines according to the category but I would use this approach only as a last resort.

What would be the best way to structure the website for 2 languages and a different design by department?

In the admin section of Magento 1.1 Beta I saw that we can add exceptions in System-> configuration-> design.
How it works?

thanks for your help

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