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Return to Stock Not Working Properly
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Joined:  2008-06-09
Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

Problems and Suggestions

Configurable product.

Ordered and 1 item was the incorrect price (on a tier pricing).

Seems I have to invoice the order before I can return to stock. Can’t seem to edit the order. - it wants to cancel and redo the order, and I’m not sure if the items get returned to stock that way.

Most accounting systems I’ve ever worked with (and that’s been my consulting specialty for the last 30 years) usually give you the opportunity to change orders or invoices. This isn’t really an accounting system, so it’s not critical for audit purposes. One should be able to change orders! Even from a security point of view, let alone from a time point of view, it would be much better if orders could be changed. I understand that once something is invoiced, then you you could have audit problems, but the way it has to be done now is more than messy and horribly time consuming in my humble opinion.

So, back to my problem… I credit the whole order. Items go back into stock, but where there was only 1 item before the order, on doing the credit, that 1 gets returned to stock but the item now shows as OUT OF STOCK. Why?

Now I’ve got to go change each simple product (attached to the configurable one) to In Stock. When your’e talking 20 or 30 products, as is the case with this order, and then I have to reinvoice the whole thing… well I just gave up and typed up a new invoice in Excel in no time at all.

Each product that was credited (and marked Return to Stock) should show In Stock if there was no stock and it was increased by 1 in a Credit, right?

If an order has not been invoiced or shipped, it should be able to be edited. We might need to change quantities, prices and so on. Surely admins should have the ability to do that!

I’d also like to be able to see if an order has been paid - particularly with off-site payments like bank transfers and so on. So a status of paid (before invoiced or shipped) would be nice.

My system is showing the wrong sales amounts. If I do an order from Admin and change prices, then the Order and Invoice totals properly but the Sales Figures show the original prices. That’s not correct. Revenue in Dashboard is also incorrect. It’s even including cancelled orders!


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