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Shipping with special package dimensions for UPS
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I have one ecommerce site that has rather simple, yet challenging shipping calculation. All categories except one have weight based shipping, a single category has light and bulky items which need to be shipped in special oversized boxes. UPS does support passing package dimensions in it’s api, so there is theoretical way to do this. Alternatively I could get away with setting table rate shipping for this single category.

So my question is this:

Can I have shipping calculated by weight for all but one, and by table rate for this single category? Is there a way to configure magento to do this.

Can someone give me idea of how complex it would be to program this. I have idea how to calculate stuff but I assume I would need to make changes not only in calculation but elsewhere.

Best solution would be by passing dimensions to UPS for this single category, which is also an option but I suspect it would be too much work to implement that in magento (from me of course).

Any ideas, comments, suggestions are welcome. I figure better ask first before start working.

Thank you.

Zeljko Dakic

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