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Inventory of T-shirt Website
Wrong Sauce
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Hello all.  I have searched the forums for an answer to this question, but could not find any.  I have been working with Magento for about 2 weeks now, and am impressed by the functionality, and I am trying to overcome this hurdle, so here goes:

I’m creating an e-commerce site for my wife for T-shirts.  I have a stock of T-shirts (different sizes and colors) and a stock of heat press transfers.  I do not apply the transfers to the T-shirts until the order is received.  I would like to have the system track my inventory of T-shirts and Transfers. 

Currently my product database consists of simple products (All combinations of Tshirt sizes and colors) and a Configurable product for each transfer.  For example, Transfer A can be applied to 12 different combinations of T-shirts.  I create 12 simple products for this transfer and 1 Configurable product that is viewable on the frontend.  This is done for each transfer available.

I need to find a method to track each Tshirt color/size and each transfer.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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