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Adding Newest/featured Product to my custom home page
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I’m still trying to get the hang of all this but I’ve run into quite a pickle with this one.  Sorry for the double post, I only hit it once but it was spinning for a while. I’d delete it but I don’t see an option too, anyways.

I’ve got a custom home page that I’ve created that I want to add in a “Featured Product” block that displays 1 product on the front page. Here’s what I have for the code:


On my 1column-home.phtml:

<div class="newProduct">
<?php echo $this->getChildHtml('newProduct'?>

In my page.xml:

block type="page/html" name="root" output="toHtml" template="page/1column-home.phtml">....
block type="core/text_list" name="newProduct" as="newProduct"/>

In my catalog.xml:

reference name="newProduct">
block type="catalog/product_new_index"  name=""  template="catalog/product/new.phtml"  />

Is this the correct way to do this? I’ve gotten an error before from a change in the catalog so it seems like it’s reading it correctly, but it’s not spitting out the code from the new.phtml(which is just the default new products code). Also a big help would be how to modify it so it only displays one product, though first I’d just love for it to even anything at all.


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