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Need help to link to a new template <a href=”???”
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2008-04-25

I am trying to link from account dashboard to another phtml page that I created.  The page name is subscriptios.phtml. I could not figure out how to write the href, <a href=”…”>. Magento uses Zend framework, but I could not find where the indexAction… and other Action functions are located. I understood that there are relations between customer.xml layout file, and the templates. So in the customer.xml file I added the following block

Mage_Customer -->
update handle="customer_account"/>
reference name="content">
block type="customer/address_edit" name="customer_address_subscriptions" template="customer/address/subscriptions.phtml"/>
In the Edit.php located under Customer/Block/Address/Edit.php I added a function
public function getBookclubSubscriptionsUrl()
return $this->getUrl('customer/address/subscriptions', array('_secure'=>true));
I put the subscriptions.php file under /app/design/frontend/default/new_theme/template/customer/address/
Now from the dashboard.phtml located
I am trying to use this function
<a href="<?php echo $this->getAddressSubscriptionsUrl() ?>">
It doesn’t work, I know that Magento overwrite the url but I need help to figure it out. The question is what should I do to link <a href=”some function” > to a new template phtml that I created. 
Any help is appreciated
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