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Multi-channel question
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Just wondering: Is there a way to create orders via some automated means?

A requirement that we have for a project we are looking at is to be able to manage multi-channel sales and I am wondering whether this might be my excuse to spend some time getting to know Magento.

The scenario is that the store owner want all orders to be managed through one interface, whether they come directly from the site or (for instance) through Ebay or Amazon.

The approach that we have been looking at is to create a seperate set of utilities to handle order and inventory management then using the various APIs and some custom store code to get them all talking nicely with one another.

I wonder though whether Magento might allow it to be handled another way around - by using the amazon and ebay APIs to generate a sale on the store.

Does anyone know whether:
1. Anyone has tried this, or
2. Whether it is theoretically possible

Many thanks in advance.

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