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Spanish Payement Gateway
Sébastien Cramatte
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2007-09-04
Murcia, Spain


I’m trying to build a payment method for spanish bank using “Servired” gateway.

This gateway is implemented using old method with an hidden form. They doesn’t support SOAP/REST and you can’t use CURL
due to “Verified By Visa” mechanims that is called after post CC details.

My module appear in the Admin panel and I’ve added various form fields and parameters.

So now I would like to know how can I :

- Generate an hidden form in the frontend based on config.xml parameters and user data (firstname, lastname, amount)
- How can I post the form below to the bank page
- How can I notify magento if payment was accepted or denied (bank post data to specified url)

In the config.xml I’ve got 3 parameters “urlok” and “urlko” and “merchanturl”
the gateway itself use these parameters to redirect user and notify the User/ Ecommerce about status of the payment

Anyone can light me ?


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