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Multi Stores & Sub domains
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I would like to implement a website which uses subdomains to implement different “departments”. 

The main store would be able to search accross all “departments” and would have a name, eg
Each department would have its own subdomain, eg and 

The shopper would need to be able to swop between departments should they choose, or be able to buy everything from the main store should they choose.  All customer & product data would therefore be shared.  Also the customer would always need to be able to check out from 1 central point which would always be on

As I am a newbie to Magento, please advise the best way to implement this - would each “department” need to be set up as its own website or could they each be set up as a new “store” within 1 website.  Where in the admin would I specify / set up the subdomains?
Would I need more than 1 copy of magento or an index file installed or can it all be set up from the admin?

A high level overview of the steps I need to follow would be greatly appreciated.

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