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Overriding Core Functions…
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Joined:  2008-02-05
New Hampshire, USA

I feel stupid for asking this, because I know someone will just point me to a wiki article that was written months ago or I will have made a really stupid mistake…

But I’m having trouble overriding the core checkout module. As a first step all I want to do is make an exact duplicate of the checkout module that does all the same stuff the checkout module currently does. But I want this beastie to live in app/code/local or app/code/community instead of app/code/core. Sounds simple enough. So I made a copy of the checkout module in my own “namespace” folder in the app/code/community folder, I changed all the magento namespaces to my namespace (being careful not to change the ones that I really do want to use the mage version of), and updated the system.xml and config files in the app/code/comunity/<namespace>/checkout/etc folder. Finally I changed the Mage_All.xml file in the app/etc folder to use my module instead of the mage module.

To test my changes I went to the admin/system/config and examined the sales sub item for checkout configuration. It isn’t there. If I toggle between my module and the default module I can see it when I use the default, but not when I use mine. If I use both I only get the default.

Any ideas what I missed?


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