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3 x How Do I …
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This is a special ... 3 in 1 questions topic smile
Anyone that answers and happens to be passing through my county gets a few beers!

1. How do I use difference product images? For one product I’ve uploaded a few images of which I would like to use one for the category listing, one for the product details page and another one for the cart listing (each time just one). Is there a way to reference a specific image from a product’s image list? (either through back-end or through coding?)

2. How do I set up IPN for Paypal Standard so that when a payment goes through it will change the order status automatically? Is there any specific configuration I need to do either in Magento or on the Paypal account?

3. How do I set up different table shipping rates for different categories? In my store I have two types of products in two different categories. Right now I have used table rate shipping to set up shipping taxes for various countries in different geographical regions but these taxes apply to all products. How can I have different table rates for each category?

Thanks in advance guys & gals!

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