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Scalable Media Hosting with Amazon S3
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Medellin, Colombia

I am interested in knowing if there is an easy way to configure Magento to load images from a different host. This would allow for less requirements on the main server. As explained here;=55, one could simply manually change the src url of every image, but this would be a pain in Magento.
Since most images are resized using php, would there be any real benefit in using this option?


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One Pica
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We were having the same problem and there didn’t seem to be a great solution out there.  We took a little time and wrote an extension to help solve this issue.  Hope this helps everyone!  We would love to hear your feedback too!

The extension enables you to host category and product images on a separate server with ease. This can improve page load time by offloading some of the stress from your web server and by allowing you to utilize a high performance content delivery network (CDN) or another remote host. If your website has a large amount of traffic, using a CDN will help to bring down your bandwidth cost and speed up your response time. Currently, the extension integrates with Amazon S3, Coral CDN, Mosso/Rackspace Cloud Files, and any CDN, server or service that supports FTP, FTPS, or SFTP. Each adapter has a separate configuration menu with options unique to each. The abstract adapter can be extended to easily add support for any other CDN that has a published API.

The extension automatically distributes category and properly-sized product images to a CDN when they are referenced in the Magento templates. This code extends the functionality of category and product image getUrl() to determine the existence of the file on the CDN, push the image to the correct location if it isn’t found, and return the CDN-specific URL. Installation of this extension into an operational store will work immediately as images already present will be uploaded to the CDN on demand. Because of this, you can install, enable, and disable this extension without consequence and at any time.


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