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How do I fix a broken category count ? How do i modiy an attribute set ? 
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Category count issue:
I created a category under the “default”, then added a subcategory to it.
I created a simple product and added it to the sub category and the parent category.
I deleted the product but the category still shows and item count of 1 (even though there should be none).
I checked the tables and traces of the delete product still exist in the category tables.
How do I clean this up ?

Attribute set issue
I created a new attribute set with a custom attribute color.
I created a configurable product based on this set.
I created a couple of simple products based on this set.
I added a new attribute to the attribute set called “Size”
In the simple products the Size attribute appeared as expected, but in the configurable product the size attribute appeared as an attribute of the configurable product not as a “Super” attribute.
The size attribute should be part of the “Super” attribute set for the product, how can I add it to the super attribute set ?
Magento ver. 1.0.19870.4

Any thoughts or ideas ?


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super attribute must have these settings:

1. scope - global
2. catalog input type - dropdown
3. Use To Create Configurable Product - yes

then you add it to the attribute set

hope this helps

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