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One catalog with multiple regions
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I have a (potential) client with a requirement for 3 different versions of their online catalog, for different regions of the world. The important point is that the prices for each region are different (not just the currencies) as the markets are very different.

What they’re looking for is something that works like the Apple Store. All the product details are the same, but depending on which region you specify, you effectively go to a different version of the site, with different prices.

Is this possible with Magento? Looking at it, I can see that you might have 3 different websites and control them all from the same admin area. But would you need to have duplicate entries for each product? That would entail a mass of duplication since they have hundreds of products, and be very inefficient to maintain. Their product details change fairly often, so doing this would require making each change manually 3 times. So that doesn’t seem like a good solution.


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