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set a new attribute for an order
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Joined:  2008-06-09

I’m pretty new to Magento and I have a problem which drove me crazy for about four days (and is still driving me crazy!). If you can help me please do so....
I need to do the following:
- for each order I gotta have an attribute like ‘is_open_order’
- everytime a buyer places an order, he specifies if it is an open order or a close order
- if an order is opened, it will stay open for 8 hours, and in these 8 hours, other buyers can add their desired products to the same order (by entering an order code);
- so i need to have a new attribute in the eav_attributes.....?(i guess)? is_open_order
- in sales_order_varchar open/close (I guess)
- if the buyer enters the correct order code, and if the order is still open, the product list of the order must be appended with the products from the cart

Please help me

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