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….A PC Builder? 
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Hi All

Kinda found magento by accident, but what I’ve seen so far is more than imoressive. I’ve been looking for a system to base a new client site on. They specialise in building High End Gaming Systems and to be honest - the cart that is in use at the minute means that updating a single system (they have 12 standard lines plus a custom builder) can take anything between 2 hours and a day. That just isnt cost effective. A lot of the systems share components (ie range of cpu’s ram options etc), but even then - component prices need to be edited on every system, rather than in a single costed attribute-set if that makes sense.

Just wondering if magento would be able to cope with something like this (I dont mind getting my hands dirty in the trenches if I have to) or if someone has done this type of site before?



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