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Want to switch to Magento
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I have a question. I want to switch to a shopping cart system that is less “locked in” than the one I am currently using. I’ve done the tour and see that it does have many other features that I am looking for in an open source system. My question: For the individual product pages, I want to create a “preview” where someone can design a product and the image updates. Now, I already have this code written in PHP. No problem there. What I want to know is: can I pass values and attributes through this little program to add to the shopping cart without having to use the internal product creating tool? I can do this with my current shopping cart but it is very cumbersome and I have to program alot of conditional statements, yada, yada. Can I modify individual pages to accept these outside variables to go to the basket and then through checkout.

Thanks for your input.
current store url Sample:;_Code=WWTC∏_Code=CT&Category;_Code=ET


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