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UPS XML - Some methods don’t show up
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Alright, I switched my UPS settings to use the XML connection instead. I looked at the code, and it seems that the XML connection uses the service codes (which is what I need). There are a ton of service codes for shipments originitating from the US (like 15 of them). Well, when I go through the checkout, or shipping estimater, only 6 or so show up. This doesn’t really bother be because I don’t need those shipping methods. However, I did add three service codes: 308, 309, 310 - for Freight shipments. These did not show up either when trying to estimate my shipping. Does anyone know the solution to this problem? I need Freight shipments to always be an option - this is for a client.

Please respond, I have tried contacting UPS, and they are acting like morons.

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