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Setup several vendors without having to setup the same number of websites and root categories for each individual vendor
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I have attached an image with some small sectional screen shots of the various areas in our admin section to help with explaining what we currently have which will not work.

I need assistance in how to structure the elements of our site in order for it to work the way we need it to. 

We are going to sell products from many different vendors via dropshipping.  Of course, they each have their own shipping rates, etc.  We want to have a mall-like site, where a customer can come and buy any combination of items they want, no matter which vendor those items are going to come from with one registration session.  We’re going to be sure the customer knows that these items will be coming from different vendors and will have separate shipping rates, etc.  We don’t want to have a different website for each vendor.  We want to have a main “page” from which customers navigate to shop in the different departments that we’ll offer products in. So, how do we set this up without having 1500 different websites? We are not asking for a step by step but rather a hierarchy of where to place each of the vendors. I know how to set up separate websites and stores within websites with Magento but you can not adjust separate shipping and payment settings between stores, only between websites. At least as far as I can tell anyway.

What I would like is if someone could give a general layout of where or in what section (or what it’s called, ie. website, store, etc. ) of Magento to put each of the vendors to be able to allow each vendor to have separate shipping structures and still allow for a structured category that isn’t disconnected/cut up so much that the site is hard to navigate. We want sections (generalized categories) and we want to be able to have our vendors in any and all of these sections if they fit but still be able to configure specifics from each vendor such as shipping without having to create a separate root category and website for each vendor. This is really hard to explain and I hope I am getting my question across.

I really am not afraid to get my hands dirty as you should be able to tell by what we have already done. I just need a little help in wrapping my head around how this should work in Magento.

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