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Is there any support for ship date forecasting? 
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I was pointed to Magento recently by a friend and I’m looking at moving away from our current backend solution.  One of the main problems we have is that our products are in extreme demand and we are frequently out of stock on a lot of our most popular lines.  Most of the customer service workload my staff have to bear is people calling up asking when their order will ship.

Because I can’t see any explicit support for incoming shipments (i.e. re-stocks) in Magento, I’m guessing it has no support for providing the kind of “estimated ship in 10-15 business days” thing that appears on many websites, e.g.

Can anyone clarify this issue at all for me and confirm/deny my suspicions?

I’m perfectly happy to implement this or pay someone to do so, however, I’m just trying to work out how much work is required to make Magento work for my company.

Any help is much appreciated.

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