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[URGENT] Changing the Admin through Modules/Plugins
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Hello all,
I would like to either add a new CMS to Magento, or replace it’s existing CMS. I don’t want to change core code to do this, so I’m thinking that this will need to be done using a custom Module. I have made simple modules already and learned how to put them in, but these modules were for the frontend of the site. What I am looking to create will need to be placed in the Admin panel.

For example, when you install certain WordPress plugins, they sometimes add links in the Admin Menu to allow you to customize the plugin. This is what i’m looking to do in Magento.

In the end, I am looking to create a CMS that will allow my clients to create pages using a WYSIWYG, as well as upload photos for use in certain places in my custom template.

Any suggestions on this would be helpful, and I could really use help ASAP.
Thank you.

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