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Payment Gateway Integration Question
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Joined:  2008-02-04

Hi all,

I am trying to integrate two payment gateways on my website and am stuck on the below points

i.  Need to route Credit Card payments to one gateway and all direct bank debit payments to another gateway. How do I effect this?
ii. My payment gateway requires me to provide the order number, billing address, customer email when redirecting to the payment gateway.  Such being the case, do you have any pointers on where to code this?
iii. My payment gateway integration is to submit a form with action set to the payment gateway URL. The form has fields of Order Id, Amount, Customer Name, Customer Billing Address. Where do I submit this form to pass data to my payment gateway?

Some Notes I made are:
- app\design\frontend\default\default\template\checkout\onepage\review.phtml is the file that corresponds to the review order step of one page checkout.
- The ‘Place Order’ button on this file submits the page to ’checkout/onepage/saveOrder‘ which I guess is calling ‘saveOrderAction’ method in file ’app\code\core\Mage\Checkout\controllers\OnepageController.php

I thought I could figure this out myself and found that this is taking a lot of time!! Please do pitch in on this.

Thanks in advance!!

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