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Installation Problem - Installation failed in Mojo Marketplace
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2014-06-10

SO i had magento with ultimo theme up and running on my website and then I was finishing configuring
and making some changes. I found the System Configuration at the very right of my screen and decided I wanted
to change my login website from to
When I saved it everything seemed to be alright but when I tried again logging with my new access it
gave me an error which could not be bypassed. Basically I got blocked out my admin.

So I left it like that for several weeks. Now that I had some free time I decided I would uninstall magento
from my Mojo Marketplace at Justhost. I uninstalled it very quickly but leaving my Database intact.

Then I tried reinstalling Magento. My previous version was 1.7.02 and the new one is 1.9.0 or so.
Tried several times with the one clic install but while going half through the installation it failed.
No specific reason given by installer just that something went wrong.

I’ve submited my concern to other places within the magento’s support. See who can help me first.

What can I do now?

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