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A few questions
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I’m a beginner with the Magento templating system but lately I seem to have got the basics right and now I’m trying to make a site design from scratch.

However I have a few questions regarding the use of the back-end CMS.

1. When I’m designing a static page, the default layout is taken from page.xml and use the blocks as indicated there. That is ok for me but for the main page I need a few things done differently. So I went to CMS > Manage Pages, opened up the Main Page and then from Layout Update XML I added some things that I needed changed for the Main Page (eg: use 1column.phtml instead of 3columns.phtml, some other blocks I needed, etc ... ). However, I discovered that I have to paste there everything ... if I just put one new addJs action in the head block, it’s not enough, I have to specify the entire xml (copy/paste from page.xml then modify).  If I simply select 1-column Layout from the CMS, it doesn’t work ... I have to make a “root” block with the template pointing to 1column from the Layout Update XML. Is there anyway I can use the CMS to simply update the blocks I want and not having to specify new xml entirely?

2. Can anyone sum up exactly what the block type is and when do I need (and need not) specify a path to the template for a certain block?

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