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1.1 Bundled products
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Joined:  2007-08-31

edit: Maybe I’m confused… I think custom options on a simple product is what I’ve been waiting for, and bundled product is something else I guess. EHHhhh.

I’m confused about two things:

#1 Inventory no longer has a place for how many are in stock, and selecting ‘in stock’ defaults back to ‘out of stock’ on saving.

#2 What exactly is ‘bundled items’ at the bottom? I was under the impression a bundled product would be it’s own product (with custom options, and I like that part)… but it seems it’s actually somewhat of a configurable product? Something I did made my bundled product unable to be saved unless I added a bundled item (not to mention it cleared all my custom options, duh), so I’m really unsure what the deal is.


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