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Multiple site/store configuration
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Milwaukee, WI

Hello -

I’d like to solicit some discussion on how to ‘best’ setup stores/sites in the following scenario. I did buy the Magento Book and I’m working with the user guides as well. I am a HP developer and tasked with implementing this for another party. Given how Magento handles the catalog<-> store relation I think I’m possibly looking at more than a single setup.

Please give some advice on strategy and what’s possible with Magento and what will need customization.

A manufacturer wishes to setup up stores for their retailers. We’re looking at 200-500 stores.

Since all stores are to be fully branded, including the URL I assume we’re actually looking at one site per retailer and a [default] store for each site.

Each retailer/site/[default]store sells the manufacturers product catalog. All product from that catalog are to be drop-shipped by the manufacturer. Therefore, the inventory for this catalog needs to be managed by the manufacturer. Stores would not be stocking the product. Retailers should not have access to inventory for the manufacturers catalog.

Retailer must be able to choose which products from the manufacturers catalog they want to sell. Is it possible to enable/disable products on a per-store basis?

Retailers must be able to set their own prices for the product and be able to choose which products they want to sell. Is per/store pricing possible?

[Some] retailers must be able to sell other products. Am I correct if I assume that this could be handled by creating a branch in the catalog specific to that retailer and then create a 2nd store within the retailers site that offers these products? If so, then I’m faced with the following challenges:

- Can I make it so that a retailer can manage items/inventory for that part of the catalog, but not for the manufacturers catalog?
- Can I make it so that any products ordered from the manufacturer’s catalog are processed (fulfilled) by the manufacturer but that the products from the second store are handled by the retailer?
- Do I have it right that separate stores can use a single cart/checkout?

And finally -

I believe that all of the above points to a need to have the privilege system be able to restrict access on a per site, perhaps even a per store basis. From what I’ve read this is [at least not currently] not possible with stock Magento. As I need to provide a bid to my client (the manufacturer) I need to get some sort of idea on what it would take to customize this. I’m capable of coding it, but I’ll need pointers and assistance as I’m not yet in depth familiar with Magento.

With exception to the multiple product lines scenario, I really have no problem set up a separate Magento install for each store. But in order to decided one way or the other, I need to weigh the costs of each approach to factor it into my proposal.

I hope you can provide me with some insight here.

Thanks much in advance

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