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Using Categories as main Navigation tabs - Need help with URL’s
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2008-06-15

That is so far my custom design for a Magento website.

I decided to use the categories as the main navigation and use blocks with no products to create content in each nav as in FAQ, about us, etc… but still use the products tab as the main store navigation.

Now this is the problem I am running into.

I would like to give some categories their own URL.. for example the HOME nav button takes you to, in that i have to create a block for with no product and showing the breadcrumb..

I would like that to be when I clicked HOME it would take me to . the root URL.

Also for the navigation button I would like it to take me to, and not

Is this possible? is there another way to do this, as in use Magento as in more of a CMS.

Thank you in advanced.

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