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Major Obstacle - Products/Categories with different shipping rates
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I need help with a major obstacle.  In our store, we sell products in 3 different categories, DVDs, CDs, and air fresheners. 

Currently, our shipping rates is set to where 1st item is charged at $8.50 (for dvds and cds), then each additional item is charged at .65 each. This works fine if the product ordered are DVDs or CDs.

The problem occurs when the purchase involves air fresheners.  For air fresheners, we charge $6.50/box for shipping.  With the current set-up, a purchase for 1 box would have a shipping charge of $8.50 and .65 for any additional box instead of $6.50 per box. 

Is there a way to where we can set a flat rate for each product or by category?  At first, I was thinking that I should set this by weight using Shipping Table but due to the difference in weight, it’s still not possible.  DVDs and CDs weight 4 oz. each while a box of air fresheners weights 4 lbs.  So basing on weight, 4 lbs of products (16 dvds/cds or 1 box of air fresheners) would result in $18.25 in shipping charges - which is the correct amount for 16 dvds/cds but not for a box of air fresheners. 

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you!

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