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Why is it that I cannot create a “quick simple” product when first making the configurable product? 
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Yeah, exactly what the title asks.... When I create a new “configurable product” and fill all the info in and then go to “Associated Products”, I don’t have an option to quickly create a new simple product for this configurable one, whereas ONCE I save it, I have the option.... That makes no sense to me.

Here is a screenshot of it when I am CREATING one :

See? No QUICK CREATION of one. I don’t see any point in having such an excellent and smart option if I can only do it once I EDIT it :

What the hell? Is it just me that gets this, or has nobody else noticed such a mistake? Was it deliberate? Because if it was… I find it hard to understand why exactly. That quick creation is the saviour of configurable products - you can easily add as many options as you want and all on one page, instead of duplicating tons of products.

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Took me a while to figure that too as there was no mentioned in the KB’s article or Screencast.

Once I realized I must save first, I kind of think it makes sense because a Product can only be established once it’s ‘stored’ in the database, and since Configurable Product is dependable to Simple Product, it’s logical for the ‘Quick Creation’ shows up only, when, the system determind there is a Configurable product in place. And that’s why there is a ‘create empty’ option if a a Configurable Product has not saved.

Another non-related reason is: it’s always a good practise to hit the save button soon after you enter/write something, because you just don’t know when the system will crash LOL  Though this likely isn’t the reason for ‘Quick Creation’.

On the off topic note, the way Magento does thing is rather unconventional compare with what we are accustom too. I had had many ‘what the hell’ moment too, but when I thought it further, it became ‘ah ha, very smart!’.

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