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I think i’ve found a bug when using CVS import with manual editing
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So I have a cvs file with all our product data in it.  There are a couple of odd issues with the import and export feature.

1) When exporting all products using the default profile, a few of the items will have blank fields for the images column.  This is odd because the images are working fine on the site.

2) Importing sometimes breaks the correlation between the backend of Magento and the frontend for product descriptions.  What I mean is, I will do an import all products that will have updated product descriptions and short descriptions, it will work fine on the front end, but the bank end in admin is not changed.  Ie, if I goto catalaog->manage products->productxyz and go to edit it, it will have (sometimes) the old values since the last mass import.  Changing the values in here and then saving doesn’t always update the front end either.  though the backend will maintain the values you have saved, they won’t necessarily show up in the front end, even after resetting cache both magento side and client side.

I would be happy to provide my cvs or even an admin login to a respected member if they want to see this.

Fortunately, its only a nuisance since we are doing all of our product updating through the import function.  I would like to be able to go in and make a small change to a product sometimes and I have to go through the effort of importing a cvs file.  Not ideal, but at least it works

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Athens, Greece

I was having problems with the numerical fields in the csv import/export.
I reported it as a bug because I noticed that other people were having the same problem.
However, the bug was not “assigned” so I assumed it wasn’t a magento problem.

When I opened up the csv file (with open office calc), some numerical fields
were formatted as dates.
I ran a test, exported a file & imported it without any changes.
I noticed that some numerical fields (prices, weight, qty, etc) were changed.

For example, price was 12.00 & it showed up in csv as 01/12/00
so when I imported the csv, it changed the price to 1.00.

Don’t understand why this happens but I gave up on csv &
am switching to xml. Can’t risk it, since it changes prices.

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