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Developers – Ensure the Best Upgrade Path for Your Websites!
Mosses Akizian
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Los Angeles, CA

We’re headed to Amsterdam this December 3rd for our next Fundamentals of Magento Development class!

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn Magento Rendering, Request Flow, Adminhtml, Database and EAV from a Magento expert. This 40-hour lecture-lab class will give you the hands-on experience you need to launch and extend the platform. Plan to walk away with an understanding of Magento architecture, MVC and data models and how to work with Magento modules. Additionally, you will learn how to ensure the best upgrade path for your websites.

See what other developers are saying about the Fundamentals course:

The Fundamentals of Magento Development course was brilliant! I currently work on the frontend side of Magento and this was a fantastic opportunity for me to dive in the deep end of Magento, which has helped me understand how Magento works. The tutor is an endless pit of knowledge and experience; an amazing tutor and a really nice guy. I would definitely recommend this course to all developers looking into Magento.
- Sean Watson, Web Designer, Trueshopping Ltd

For more testimonials, click here.

Register by November 12th to receive 15% off.

Class days/hours: December 3 -7, 2012 from 9AM – 5PM

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