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Update for Magento Connect
Mosses Akizian
Sr. Member
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Joined:  2009-04-28
Los Angeles, CA

We appreciate the recent feedback in helping to make Magento Connect the leading marketplace for eCommerce extensions.  We are working hard to improve the Marketplace to better facilitate the communication between Magento merchants & extension developers.  One of the many improvements is our extension reviews feature.

In preparation for upgrading the reviews functionality, we have rolled out several temporary changes this week. 

Primary elements of the update:

- Merchants and developers can continue to leave reviews as they did before
- The “like” feature has been removed due to small engagement
- The “follow” feature is being improved and will be unavailable during the construction phase
- The spam flag is available and shown to users once they are logged in to Magento Connect

Please Note: You may need to update your Screen Name & Developer Avatar for any reviews or replies left on Magento Connect.
The Screen Name & Avatar can be updated within your Magento Commerce Account under “Account Settings.”

Our team continues to work on improving Magento Connect, so that it can be an even more powerful resource for merchants & developers. We will notify you as we continue to roll out additional improvements.

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