What is The Future of M?

Over the last few months we’ve been working on a new mobile initiative that we’re now ready to begin telling you about.  Interested?  We hope so, because we’re very excited to fill you in on the details.  And although we won’t officially unveil the product until late May at our community events in Germany and France, we’ll be sharing plenty of details about it here at The Future of M, our new blog devoted to all things mCommerce.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll also highlight industry trends and analysis, as well as post plenty of interviews with experts in the field.  We think you’ll enjoy what we have to share, and we invite you to follow this blog for more details.  But before we go any further, we wanted to share why we believe mobile commerce is so important.

Over the next 2-3 years, the eCommerce landscape will change dramatically.  Consumers will have a variety of new tools to discover and buy new products, and this will bring challenges that merchants will struggle to keep up with.  Some merchants will succeed, but not before investing enormous amounts of time and money to reach a new type of consumer who engages with products and brands across a variety of devices and prefers to remain loyal to those that elegantly weave these fragmented experiences together.

It’s a full-blown evolution of what we’ve already seen happen between online & offline over the last 5 years, yet these new changes will happen in half the time while our industry quadruples in size.  In this time, we’ll also witness more users accessing the internet through mobile devices than personal computers, and mobile phones will become an essential part of nearly every part of the purchase lifecycle.  Competing in this new mobile-driven climate will be extremely difficult, yet nearly every business will find that they need the right mobile strategy to succeed.

While these changes may sound daunting, we’re up for the challenge.  In fact, we believe it’s the sort of environment that will take Magento and our community to the next level.  After all, it was under similar circumstances that we released our eCommerce platform in 2008.  Yet through the combination of a well-built product and a thriving open-source community, Magento is now the fastest-growing platform of choice for over 60,000 merchants.  As we continue to work every day to make that product better, we’re continually humbled by the opportunities we’ve created for merchants and nearly 200,000 community members worldwide.

People often ask us what our community loves the most about Magento.  If we were to try to do it justice with words, we’d say that in Magento, many people feel that they’ve found a well-kept secret that has made them enormously successful in a rapidly-changing industry.  From our perspective, this means that we’ve given our merchants not only a flexible product that keeps them ahead of the curve, but a community-based strategy for success.  We believe it is time to do for mCommerce what we did for eCommerce.

Welcome to the Future of M.