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Video: In-Line Translations

Magento’s next release will feature the ability to overwrite existing translations to a local installation of Magento on a global or per store view basis. In this video, we demonstrate overwriting the default translations for a drop-down field as well as a text-label using the new in-line system. At the end end of video, we also show how to enable such functionality on your instance of the Magento admin (backoffice).

We are currently working on a centralized system that will facilitate managing Magento translations to different languages. In the future, this system will manage the translation process for selected interfaces (including contributions made via Magento Connect) and modules.

Please note that translation can be made for drop-down values (any form element really), images (alt, title), links, strings inside scripts (warning, errors), etc. The following items will be displayed in the translation window:

  • Scope - Module that the translation is associated with
  • Shown - Current representation of the translation
  • Original - The original text as provided by the module
  • Translated - Current translation
  • Store Specific - If checked, translation will be applied to the store view and not the locale
  • Custom - New translation to be entered in the textbox


We hope you like it!

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