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Video: Creating Multiple Online Storefronts (Part 2)

In a blog post from earlier this week, we covered how to create a completely separate website to be managed from one Magento installation.  In this video we focus on the creation of multiple stores within the same website.  The actions performed in this second video can be carried out completely within the Magento admin, without the need to create folders or modify any physical files.  A second store is added to the main website sharing the catalog structure.  A third store is added to the main website with a different category structure.  We show how to add or modify store views, as well as changing the logo.

These steps were carried out and recorded on the 0.9.17740 version of Magento:

  • Step 1:  Creating a new store in the Magento store manager
  • Step 2:  Setting the root category of the new store
  • Step 3:  Creating store views for this new store
  • Step 4:  Updating the logo

We also show you the category structure, and product relationships between the stores sharing a root category, and the third store (which has a separate root category).  Enjoy!


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