Using the New Ratings & Reviews System for Magento Connect

Choose the right extensions for your online store

The Magento Connect extension marketplace offers more than 500 extensions for Magento Enterprise Edition, with new extensions in multiple categories added all the time. These extensions provide valuable customization options for your online store, but choosing the right extension for your specific needs can sometimes be challenging.

To make it easier for merchants and solution partners to quickly evaluate and confidently purchase extensions, we’ve launched a new Ratings & Reviews system for Magento Connect. Our new system not only makes it easier for merchants to evaluate extensions, it enables developers to better support and promote their extensions.

Here are some quick tips for using the new Ratings & Reviews system:

Pay attention to the additional ratings
Customers can now leave an overall rating for extensions, as well as three additional ratings: Developer Support, Functions as Described, and Usefulness. Use the overall rating as a guide, and then note if the additional ratings are high in the areas that are important to you.

Read detailed reviews by both satisfied and unsatisfied users
We screen reviews for support questions and inappropriate material, so you should be able to quickly browse meaningful peer reviews. The extension owner has the exclusive right to respond to reviews. Look for key and/or repetitive points that satisfied and unsatisfied users make to determine if an extension is right for you. The frequency and quality of responses posted by the extension owner is also a good indicator of the extension’s support level.

It can be useful to note whether a reviewer would recommend an extension, and what other extensions reviewers list under “Other Extensions in My Store.” This can give you some insight into whether particular extensions work well together.

Browse the Q&A section
Check out the Q&A tab, even if you don’t have questions yourself. It’s a good way to find out what issues other customers have been experiencing, and whether the extension owner has been diligently addressing those issues.

Know what Popularity Score means
The popularity score number indicates how many times a free extension has been downloaded, or how many times a Connect user has been referred to a paid extension's site; it does not indicate the quantity or quality of reviews the extension has received. Use popularity score as a measure of how important the extension’s functionality is to your peers, but refer to the star rating and reviews to know more about the quality of the extension.

We look forward to continuously improving Magento Connect so we can bring you the best possible eCommerce marketplace. Happy reviewing!