Twitter Buzzing with Tweets for #MagentoImagine!

Tweets from around the world for #MagentoImagine

Excitement! Excitement is the best word I can use to describe our #MagentoImagine Twitter feed which is full with tweets from folks all around the world, getting geared up for Magento's Inaugural Imagine eCommerce Worldwide Conference. Many are looking to meet up with others, or just share in their excitement. Here's a preview of what they're saying about us!

@blueacorn just made some changes to our scheduling for #magentoimagine to spend more time in LA with the @magento team and meeting with some clients
@shepherdra: Catch up with Zend at Magento Imagine event, Feb in L.A.
@magento_tweets:Guidance is sponsoring Magento's Imagine eCommerce Conference! Find us at the Marketplace -
@royrubin05: Really excited about the Magento Unconference at the HQ with the core development team following #MagentoImagine
@Neff_D:Excited to be a part of the First Annual #MagentoImagine conference - it's right around the corner!
@bob_brodie: So excited for #MagentoImagine - if anyone wants to meet up, let us know.
@inchoo: Cool, #Magento Imagine conference is sold out!
@getsweettooth: RT @royrubin05: Prepping for the keynote for #MagentoImagine. Can't wait!
@PeterKrideras: Looking forward to #MagentoImagine next month. Any other Aussies going?
@GorillaCommerce: Meet the Gorilla team at the #MagentoImagine conference in LA Feb 7-9th
@bargento 500+ are expected to attend #MagentoImagine
@ampersandit: Looking forward to the #MagentoImagine conference in LA in Feb.
@EmailvisionUSA: Join Emailvision at the 2011 Magento Imagine eCommerce Conference - register for your ticket #MagentoImagine
@Webshopapps: WebShopApps are attending the #magento imagine conference next week. Let us know if you are attending! Should be a good one.
@wikigento: My presentation for #magentoimagine is now complete ! Hope to see you there smile
@aschroder: Woohoo flights booked, confirmed a tech session at #MagentoImagine, I'm going to LA, so excited! See you soon @magento smile
@summasolutions: Argentina says hello to Magento Imagine Conference! We look forward to attending this great event! #MagentoImagine #Magento #Argentina
@ProContractors: Already having the first newbiz client meeting booked for #magentoimagine #crazy attention ProContractors already have in the United States
@AldoW: Registered for #MagentoImagine , LA here we come!
@adamlevenson: Just got our tickets for #MagentoImagine. Let me know if you are going so we can meet up.
@ebizmarts: Fight to #MagentoImagine booked! Looking fwd to meet you, Sage Pay/MailChimp/Sage Payments integrators cc/@magento @mailchimp @sagepayments

If you have not heard, we are SOLD OUT! If you'd like to join our waiting list - please email . If space frees up, we'll be happy to bring you on board

Tune into Twitter using #MagentoImagine hash tag and join in the conversation! We're looking forward to meeting everyone in 7 days, at Imagine!