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Tomorrow’s Webinar:  Strategic E-Commerce Part II, Going Live: Total E-commerce Execution

Going Live: Total E-commerce Execution

Please join One Pica and members of the Magento team as we present Part II of our Strategic E-Commerce webinar series, Going Live: Total E-commerce Execution. One Pica is a leading Magento Enterprise partner with a total company approach to marketing and technology. Join us as we present a free webinar on how to take your e-commerce site from concept to reality using a master plan for organizing and designing the key elements of a successful online store. Learn how to think like your users and customers to increase online sales and minimize service costs by delivering an exceptional branded shopping experience.

Topics include:

  • A holistic approach to merchandising, product marketing & e-commerce sales.
  • Where and when to capture key performance data throughout the shopping experience.
  • How to evaluate your current operations and e-commerce capabilities.
  • How your agency partner can help you align your organization for e-commerce and spot the operational “gotcha’s” you might not think of.

Are you evaluating the potential impact of adding a new e-commerce channel to your offline retail strategy? Are you thinking about expanding or upgrading your current online selling operations? If you're looking for expert answers and a proven approach to total e-commerce execution, please join us on Tuesday March 23rd at 9am Pacific Time for this informative session with One Pica.

Date: Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010 9:00 AM PST(GMT -08:00, Los Angeles)


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