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The Making of a Magento Master

Do you find that your code works, but you’re not sure why?

You find that your code has somehow caused an issue with other functionality. Why?

The plight of the developer? Not necessarily. This is why we provide the Magento Developers course. The key to successful development is getting things right the first time and knowing that your work will pass thorough testing with flying colors.

After taking the Magento Developer course you will get the insights needed to know why an extension works, how one piece of code affects other code and how Magento leverages MVC, Zend Framework and Object-oriented programming. In just one week, we’ll turn you into a Magento Master and you will be more valuable than ever to your company and your clients.

Even if you are currently a Magento “expert” you will leave our course with significantly more advanced Magento skills and a fresh outlook on how to approach Magento development.

Still not convinced? Watch the video above for a testimonial from a student who attended the course and a Magento U instructor. Get your training from the source at Magento U.

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