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The 3 Components of Building eCommerce Customer Loyalty


My grandfather purchased a new Oldsmobile every three years for most of his adult life. He was a mechanical engineer and an educated consumer who knew more about cars than most people. He didn't buy an Oldsmobile because it was the best product for the best deal. My grandfather purchased the same brand of car every three years because he purchased it from the same salesman. That salesman knew his business and paid attention to my grandfather. The Olds salesman connected with my grandfather emotionally, and sold him car after car without haggling on price, so, my grandfather, the tech-savvy engineer, was a fiercely loyal Oldsmobile man.

Loyal eCommerce customers cost less to maintain than it costs to acquire a new customer. They have higher average order values and tend to advocate your message to friends. A recent Adobe study, ROI from Marketing to Existing Online Customers, shows that across retail verticals in the US, on average, 8% of online customers are repeat shoppers, and they make up 41% of total revenue.

To gain more repeat buyers and loyal customers, start by understanding what your passions are and where you want your business to go. Then look at your customers and discover what they care about. Understand the emotional benefit your customers receive from your brand. With this, you can turn good customers into fiercely loyal customers. Fiercely loyal customers won't bother looking for somewhere else to shop, and they tend to bring others to your brand. They are loyal with heartfelt, powerful intensity. Achieving this with customers that you can't shake hands with and look in the eye takes planning, honesty and vision, but when done right, can be very efficient and effective. Continue reading article

About the Author: Rocket Web is a full service Magento strategy, design and development boutique based in the Chicago area. Rocket Web is thrilled to contribute to the art of e-commerce as the winner of the Most Innovative Magento Enterprise site of 2012 for our work with Delicious Karma. We are continuously driven to innovate and solve complex problems with elegant solutions. Focusing on specialty foods, relaxed luxury goods and B2B verticals, Rocket Web offers a personalized, adaptive approach in partnering with merchants to dominate their market. You can follow us on twitter @rocketwebinc or the CEO @mattmac.

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